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Vulvas on the Runway Vulvas on the Runway

Vulvas on the Runway

Cheeky Team

I’m couturgasming

There’s nothing more meta than wearing your own body as clothing...over your body. We’re not talking Silence of the Lambs, we’re talking fashion inspired by the body, and of course, being that this is The Cheeky, we’re specifically talking about the representation of vulvas and vaginas on the runway.

There are a lot of shapes and colors in fashion reminiscent of the vulva, a lot of articles out there with pictures of celebs wearing flowing pink gowns with captions reading “Big Vulva Energy Rocks the Red Carpet.” But, in all honesty, the *essence* of vulva doesn’t really do it for us. We were on the hunt for something a little less...subtle. Finally, we stumbled across the holy grail of labial couture; a spring/summer 2018 collection by a then lesser known brand called Namilia, which now sells through the likes of hyper-ubiquitous, Dolls Kill. Founded by Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, two designers who met at the University of the Arts in Berlin, they state; “Driven by the revolutionary spirit of youth cultures, Namilia uses clothing not just as an aesthetic tool but more so as a visual platform to proclaim their own beliefs, conflicts and dreams.” Well damn. Sign us up. 

As is customary in patriarchal society, people had a lotttt of opinions after the collection debuted at New York Fashion Week. Some called it bold and transgressive, others said it was tasteless and juvenile. Are these opinions important? Do we even remember them? Not really. What feels important to us, in terms of context, is that this was September 2017. That’s just a month before #MeToo went viral (movement founder, Tarana Burke, actually first used the term a decade earlier, but October 2017 was when the hashtag really caught on) and began a new conversation around communication and action regarding assault, consent and the body which, of course, continues to evolve today. 

With all of that in mind, please enjoy this selection of vulvar lewks from that infamous show.

We would wear these both to a funeral and to the gas station. In our humble opinion, they are everyday shoes because vulvas and vaginal health are for everyday, so why not just keep it consistent. 

We’re not trying to fully live inside of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, but we’re also not not trying to. In striving to make more space for conversations around everyday vaginal health, we will happily also take up physical space with this skirt, just to get the point across. 

Say it with us: Statement sleeve! Statement sleeve! Statement sleeve! 

This appeals to both the cowboy in us (chaps) and the dancing queen (bell bottoms). Imagine showing up to the club (or corral) in pants covered in vulvas. We actually already own multiple pairs of bell bottoms. And we are now this close to bargaining for a used sewing machine on Craigslist. 

Look, it’s OK, we’re all thinking the same thing; I’m going to need a very large and very feathery vulva tote to fit the vulva blanket I will lay over the restaurant chair to sit on while I dine in my vulva ensemble.

This is our favorite dress in the collection. We’re very interested in anything that allows one to be fully clothed from one angle and fully naked from another. We contain multitudes. Never forget it. 

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