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Why Is My Vulva Itchy? Why Is My Vulva Itchy?

Why Is My Vulva Itchy?

Cheeky Team

An itchy vulva could be caused by anything from irritating underwear or soap to a yeast infection or STI. 

If the itching comes with vaginal discharge or a strong smell, it’s likely a vaginal infection, or potentially a sexually transmitted infection. If itching is your only symptom, take a look at your daily route. You should only be washing your vulva with warm water, no soap or douching products. It’s also best to wear cotton underwear which is breathable and helps to avoid infection. You can also try washing your clothes, particularly underwear, in non-scented, non-irritating detergent. Sex might sometimes make the skin of your vulva feel a little irritated and itchy as well. Make sure you are using enough water-based, non-scented lubricant. 


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