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How to Have Great Sex and Avoid UTIS How to Have Great Sex and Avoid UTIS

How to Have Great Sex and Avoid UTIS

Shea Sweeney

More orgasm, less infection

You know what makes sex really great? Not getting a UTI afterward. And, here’s the deal, sex is not just the sex, it’s not actually even just the foreplay before (Is that redundant?) or the cuddling after. Sex, IMO, is actually the whole extended long game of communicating with your partner(s) about desires, boundaries, and health. If we’re comfortable sexting about what we’re gonna do to each other later, then I hope we’re also comfortable speaking up and demanding that all parties do everything possible to avoid a UTI. Communication is extremely sexy, let’s have at it.

The way you wash your hands makes me horny 

Wash (*clap*). Your (*clap*). Damn (*clap*), Hands (*clap*). Wash them. Everybody. Yes, I get it, you just got back from dinner and you want to tear each other’s clothes off immediately. But remember the pen you used to sign the check? Remember the door handle you touched on your way out of the restaurant? Remember that?? The vagina doesn’t need to meet the door handle. Not tonight, Satan. It might shatter the spontaneous make-out for a split second, but it’ll be worth it.

Protection is sexy

Using a condom can help with UTIs because there’s less skin to skin contact and less bacteria being spread around. And, I mean, that satisfying tearing sound when someone rips open a condom wrapper with their teeth? C’mon, gotta love it. Just make sure your condoms of choice aren’t coated in spermicide, which can actually contribute to UTIs.

I’m wet 
Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate before sex. Just guzzle water all day long. Drink like your life depends on it (Because it does). Drink water after sex too, replenish everything you lost sweating all over each other. Hell, stay hydrated during! No shame in wearing a CamelBak during sex. Dehydration is a huge contributing factor to UTIs, so always beat it to the punch line. If you and your partner(s) are into temperature play, keep a cup of ice cubes by the bed and melt them on your partner’s body or hold an ice cube in your mouth for a bit before going down on them. It is a vibe. And then, when you’re done and all the remaining ice has melted, you have a nice tall glass of ice water to rehydrate with.

Spank me after I pee after sex 

This one is basically the Cheeky Bonsai mantra: PEE AFTER SEX. Yell it from the mountain tops. Write it in the sky. It's so simple, but it can make such a big difference. Peeing helps flush the post-coital bacteria out of the urethra so it doesn't linger and cause a UTI. Some doctors even say it can be beneficial to pee right before sex too, to flush out any that may already be in there. And I promise the post-sex cuddle will be that much sweeter knowing you have peed.

Our safe word is ‘cranberry’
Cranberry is one of the best natural preventative measures for a UTI, but cranberry juice is not going to do the trick. You need cranberry in the purest form possible, which you can find in the Cheeky Bonsai UTI Drink Mix. It’s combined with another UTI combatant, D-mannose, to help eliminate bacteria. Ripping open a packet of Drink Mix after sex might be just as hot as ripping open a condom.

I need a cold shower

Whether its a full on shower or just a moist wash cloth, giving your vulva and butt a nice deep clean before and after sex can help reduce the bacteria in the area surrounding the urethra and in turn reduce the chances of a UTI. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use soap or cleanser on your vulva or vagina. No douching of any kind. Using soap can cause irritation, dryness, and more infection. You know what is allowed? A steamy rinse down while your partner watches. That’s just what the doctor ordered.

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