The Official Cheeky Playlist

The Official Cheeky Playlist

This is what my vagina sounds like

For us, everyday vaginal health is as much a conversation as it is a practice. With that in mind we’re curating an ongoing playlist of music that captures the vibe of open, honest, and shame-free conversations and expression that we at Cheeky Bonsai strive for. 

I’m sure that you’re familiar with the experience of not being able to narrow down a playlist to a *polite* hour loop, so, for now, here’s two and a half hours of Cheeky magic. Listen while peeing after sex. 


Some artists we’re loving who we’ve included in this iteration of the playlist:


An electro-pop sensation from Sweden, she’s always clad in leather and latex, occasionally with a strap-on. “Good Puss” is a chill, sultry electronic ode to the vagina that we placed at the very end to round out your listening experience.


For a vibe change, singer-songwriter, Carol Ades, has written hits for Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez but has since started her own project which includes a brutally honest (yet still tender) ballad called “Crying During Sex.” It's OK to feel your feelings. For real, it is.

Dijon has an extensive catalog of raw and evocative alternative R&B which includes a brand new album, “Absolutely” that is very worth diving into. We’ve included an old favorite “Skin” on this playlist because it’s bodily and beautiful. Dijon’s work is always sensitive, heart-felt, truthful and inspires us to be gentle with ourselves.

Carol Ades