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Why Do I Have Low Sex Drive? Why Do I Have Low Sex Drive?

Why Do I Have Low Sex Drive?

Cheeky Team

The cause for low sex drive can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. Often it’s a combination of many factors. At different points in your life, relationships, and menstrual cycle you may feel more or less sex drive, and that’s totally normal. Going on certain medications, particularly antidepressants, or experiencing any sort of medical condition or illness can often lower libido too. 

Sexual desire involves the body and the mind, so if you’re going through something difficult or feel stressed, anxious, or fatigued, that can definitely contribute to less interest in sex. Troubles in a relationship or feelings of insecurity and distrust can also contribute. If body image, lack of self-esteem, or lack of communication about you and a partner are making you less interested in sex, there are absolute ways to work toward a stronger self image and advocate for yourself in sexual situations whether it's through therapy, finding your own educational resources, or do activities that make you feel good. 

It’s important to note too that lower sex drive is not a problem in and of itself. It’s only a problem if you would like to have more interest in sex. There are definitely people who aren’t interested in sex, and that’s totally OK. Sexual desire exists on a spectrum. 


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