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Best Underwear for Your Vagina Best Underwear for Your Vagina

Best Underwear for Your Vagina

Cheeky Team

No UTI and no VPL?!

Cotton truly is the best underwear material for your vagina. The key is that it’s breathable and moisture-wicking in a way that a lot of synthetic fabrics aren’t. If you’re someone who revels in wearing cute underwear, we know that it can be frustrating to forgo the veritable rainbow of material and texture options out there that aren’t cotton. We also very much feel your pain when it comes to not wanting a UTI or a VPL (visible panty line, if you’re still trying to discern this acronym). So, here’s our round-up of the best cotton underwear options for comfort, vaginal health, and when you kinda just want your cool new leather pants to be the star of the night, not your panty line (or, alternatively, when you just wanna wear cool underwear as clothes). 

Best High Rise Underwear

SKIMS Cotton Jersey String Bikini - $18 (90% cotton, 10% spandex)

Inspired by the string bikinis of the 90s, the SKIMS high rise string bikini is effortless and flattering on all bodies, with just enough coverage. 

Softest Cotton Underwear 

Kent Organic Pima Cotton Bikini - $18 per pair  (100% cotton)

These undies manage to be both 100% cotton and incredibly soft. If comfort is absolutely paramount to you (Guessing it is for most of us), these are an excellent option.

Best Sustainably-Made Cotton Underwear 

Oddobody 3-Pack - $61 for 3 pack  (100% cotton)

Oddobody cares a lot about both vaginal health and creating products for it that are sustainably and ethically made. All of their underwear is 100% cotton and 3 packs come in three style options and a handful of color choices. 

Best Cotton Underwear for No Panty Line

HANRO Invisible Cotton Thong - $26 per pair (86% cotton, 14% elastane)

Although it does contain some elastane, HANRO is amazingly still mostly cotton. It’s seamless, invisible under clothes, and super comfortable. 

Best 100% Cotton Thong 

Oddobody Thong - $22 per pair (100% cotton) 

Getting as close to 100% cotton as possible is key, and it can be really hard to find thongs in that range. Luckily, Oddobody just dropped their completely cotton model.  

Best Cotton Underwear Set 

The Knickyy Starter Set - 5 pairs for $65 (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

This set is basically a sampler of every style that The Knickery makes. You get one pair in each style and you get to choose all the colors! 

Brand with the Best Cotton Underwear Style Options 

Natori Bliss French Cut Briefs - 3 pairs for $48 (94% pima cotton, 6% lycra)

If you are trying to appeal to multitudes within yourself while also keeping your vagina happy, Natori’s got you covered with endless classy styles and colors to choose from. 

Best Cotton Boy Shorts  

Pact Boy Shorts - $14 (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

If boy shorts are your vibe, Pact makes an excellent cotton pair that’s extremely comfortable and stylish. Not to mention they have tons of color and pattern options.  

Chicest Cotton Underwear 

Araks Mabel Hipster - $60 (100% cotton)

Araks makes extremely comfortable underwear that is so beautiful and cool we’d honestly prefer not to wear clothes over them. If you’re someone who values style and treats underwear shopping with the same seriousness as shopping for the perfect pair of vintage jeans, you may have just met your match. 

Best Embroidered Cotton Underwear 

Poppy Undies - $55/$60 (94% cotton)

Art artful take on the classic white undie, these come in a French cut and are hand-embroidered. Options include everything from a cactus and strawberries to a little uterus.

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