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What Are the Risks of Going on Birth Control? What Are the Risks of Going on Birth Control?

What Are the Risks of Going on Birth Control?

Cheeky Team

Birth control can be awesome for preventing pregnancy, regulating periods, and treating acne. However, it's common to experience side effects for the first two to three months, and in some cases the side effects continue to persist. The most common side effects are headaches, nausea, sore boobs, spotting between periods, and changes to your period. There can also be emotional side effects like mood swings or big changes in sex drive. If side effects persist, you don’t need to stay on it! Tracking your natural cycle and using protection such as condoms is also an option. If you do want to use birth control you may need to try a few types before finding the right one for you. There are also side effects associated with going off birth control, for example, it may take a while to get back onto a normal cycle of periods. 

Typically progesterone-only birth control pills are considered the safest. Combination birth control pills have a low risk of blood clot, heart attack, stroke, and liver tumors. These are all very rare, but if you’re uncomfortable with the risks talk to your doctor about other options. 

Source:     text=Even%20though%20birth%20control%20pills,they%20can%20lead%20to%20death.

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