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How to Show Your Vagina Love on Valentine’s

Cheeky Team

Happy V Day

So, you’ve taken a lover. You begin spending copious amounts of time together and wondering what the hell you’re doing. One night a week turns into three, into four. Perhaps borrowing an article of clothing. A pair of socks. Eating off the same tube of raw cookie dough (you’re wild sometimes). Drinking out of the same water glass. And maybe one time you forget your toothbrush…and you share…..No, no, you resist. It’s a toothpaste on the finger type night. But anyway, this goes on, you decide you’re like, in love? And maybe you even move in together (gasp). Some time later you wake up, your now partner rolls over to cuddle and you notice something….interesting. You always sleep to the right of them and you realize that their left and right armpits smell…different from each other. And not only that, but their right armpit - the one that you sleep next to - actually kinda smells like….you.

Make a “char-coochie” board

Fermented foods containing probiotics are super healthy for your vagina. Make yourself a char-coochie board with fermented pickles (or another fermented food of your choosing), yogurt dip, a cheese high in probiotics, and an assortment of nuts (healthy fats also support vaginal health). Cheese can contain probiotics when it's aged but not heated afterward. Go for Swiss, provolone, Gouda, cheddar, Edam, or Gruyère. Finally, the crown jewel of this spread is prosciutto arranged like the folds of a vulva. Your V Day picnic will be the envy of everyone at the park.

Sip on Cheeky Bonsai UTI Drink Mix 

This drink mix powder supports urinary tract health with a combination of D-mannose, cranberry, antioxidants, and electrolytes. This is great as a preventative measure after exercise, sex, holding your pee too long, or simply a daily ritual to support overall vaginal health. The berry hibiscus flavor and bright pink color feels like a treat on brand for Valentine’s day (and honestly, every day). 

Meditate with your vagina

Mindfulness practices are beneficial on so many levels. They can relieve anxiety, promote focus, put things into perspective, and bring us closer to our minds and bodies. This Valentine’s Day we are focusing our mindfulness on the vagina and appreciating something that is uniquely ours. Sit or lie somewhere comfortable and enjoy some deep breaths, meditate on what you appreciate about your vagina and body. The way it protects you with self-regulation, self-cleaning, and self-care. A source of power, pleasure, pain, rejuvenation, and knowledge about the self. This is an awesome opportunity to explore your own body in non-sexual way using touch or by looking at a mirror. Don’t feel like you need to take yourself too seriously either. Play, laugh, breathe. Your body is strong, tender, funny, interesting, and uniquely yours. Get to know it! Love and appreciate it!  

Buy underwear that makes your vulva feel sexy 

The power of sexy undies is not to be underestimated. Trying to feel hot while working from home? Trying to go out knowing that your undergarments are just as much of a vibe as your overgarments?? Whatever your version of sexy is,  there’s something out there for you. And, brownie points if the underwear is cotton, which is the best material for your vagina. Shop our list of favorite cotton picks

Find your G-spot! 

Oh, the G-spot! A thing of legendary status, treated with the same mysterious elusiveness as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but trust us, it's not fantasy. Each G-spot is as unique as each vagina, and finding and exploring it is the first step toward a new variety of pleasure if stimulating it feels good to you. All you’ll need for this is some down time and your finger. Getting yourself in a sexy mood is also a good idea because the G-spot can swell and become more spongy when you’re aroused. Feel around, it's often a rougher patch of skin an inch or two up inside of the vagina, sometimes about halfway to the cervix, but again it can be different for different folks. If you can’t find this rougher patch, simply keep feeling around until you find a spot that feels a little sensitive, that’s probably it. The G-spot itself is not the pleasure center, it’s what it's pushing up against which is the clitoral ligaments and clitoris. It also happens to push up against the urethra, which can make some folks feel like they need to pee when they’re playing with it. And hey, if you’re not into it because of it, it’s all good! The pleasure is yours, so the more knowledge you have about what you do and don’t like, the better. 

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