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  • UTI Pain Relief
    UTI Pain Relief


  • UTI Test Strips
    UTI Test Strips


  • Energy Patches
    Energy Patches


  • Complete UTI Kit
  • Complete UTI Kit
  • Complete UTI Kit
  • Complete UTI Kit

Complete UTI Kit

Maximum support for urinary tract health


  • Bye Bye UTI

    Clinically-proven D-Mannose and cranberry blend to eliminate bad bacteria from your urinary tract

  • UTI Test Strips

    Early detection is the key to preventing serious complications. Test at-home with the same UTI test most doctors use

  • UTI Pain Relief

    Maximum strength relief from UTI pain, burning and urgency in as little as 20 min


We’ve tried cranberry juice and peeing after sex too. We worked with expert urogynecologists to develop products that provide maximum defense against UTIs. With the Complete UTI Kit, you’ll be prepared to detect, relieve, and help protect against UTIs all from the comfort of home.

  • Antibiotic-free

  • Treat early

  • Targets source of pain

How It Works

  • Confirm whether you have a UTI with our at-home UTI Test Strip

  • Relieve the burning & urgency with UTI Pain Relief in as little as 20 min

  • Start hydrating with Bye Bye UTI to help flush out bad bacteria

  • Burning

    A burning feeling or pelvic pain, especially when you pee

  • Frequency

    You need to pee all the time, even after just using the bathroom

  • Cloudy pee

    Your pee has a hazy or milky cover, which may also smell bad

  • Urgency

    You feel like you can’t hold it, but then only a few drops come out

Learn More

  • The Complete UTI Kit is your ultimate defense against recurring UTIs. Bye Bye UTI helps prevent and naturally flush out bad bacteria from your urinary tract. You can test if you have a UTI from the comfort of home with our UTI Test Strips and then quickly relieve pain and burning with UTI Pain Relief.

Backed by Science

Dr. Emily Von Bargen

Harvard Urogynecologist

"Having a healthy urinary tract is all about being proactive. With science-backed ingredients you can take some simple steps to really stay balanced."

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Customer Reviews
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Emily C.
United States United States

Cute packaging

Cute packaging and everything works just like it says. My favorite is the berry UTI drink mix. It tastes so good, not too sweet, refreshing. Glad there is not stevia in it!

olivia e.
United States United States

love the realness!

I love supporting women founded companies and cheeky bonsai really cares about their customers. I found out about them on tiktok and love how they talk about things so openly.

gabriela r.
United States United States

Awesome product!

Received my order quickly and super cute packaging!

Isabella C.
United States United States

Love them

I love what they stand for. The brand is so cute. The products are too. I came across them on tiktok actually at first. I've ordered all the products because I have regular UTIs. The d-manoose and cranberry powder is so good.

Michaela N.
United States United States

great stuff!

Fantastic and it's really helped me out.

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