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  • Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix
  • Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix
  • Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix
  • Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix
Best seller

Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix

D-Mannose + Cranberry UTI Defense



    Dual support with D-Mannose and cranberry to eliminate bad bacteria from your urinary tract


    Clinically proven dosages developed with expert urogynecologists for a drug-free UTI solution


    Your daily regimen for flushing a wide range of bacteria


We’ve tried cranberry juice and peeing after sex too. We worked with expert urogynecologists to develop a superblend of D-Mannose, cranberry, antioxidants, and electrolytes to prevent urinary tract infections and symptoms.

  • Plant based

  • Gynecologist Approved

  • Fast-acting

  • Antibiotic-free

  • Treat early

How It Works

  • Mix one pack of the hibiscus lemonade flavored powder into 12-16 oz of water

  • Bye Bye UTI traps bad bacteria and binds them to the D-Mannose sugar molecule

  • Bye Bye UTI delivers extra immune support & hydration as it flushes your tract


  • D-Mannose

    20OOmg of concentrated support to flush out bad bacteria

  • Cranberry

    PAC’s from real cranberries maximize our formula

  • Vitamin C

    Delivers faster hydration than water to help replenish you

  • Electrolytes

    Limits the growth of bacteria by making your pee more acidic

Learn More

  • Bye Bye UTI is a superblend of D-Mannose and cranberry that stops bad bacteria like E. Coli from latching onto the urinary tract wall. D-Mannose attracts the bacteria and binds them to the D-Mannose sugar molecule. At the same time, Bye Bye UTI delivers immune support, hydration and helps your body naturally flush out the trapped bacteria.

Backed by Science

Dr. Emily Von Bargen

Harvard Urogynecologist

"Having a healthy urinary tract is all about being proactive. With science-backed ingredients you can take some simple steps to really stay balanced."

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Customer Reviews
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Elise SVG verified by SHOP

I've been taking this regularly and used to get UTIs all the time. Literally haven't gotten a UTI in 2 years!!!

Sandra SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Very good

United States United States

A lifesaver!!

Felt a uti coming up so I decided to try out this product and I’m so glad I did! Works like magic! I started getting symptoms like being unable to empty out my bladder properly accompanied by slight burning while urinating, so I thought this product might help to kinda clear out my system. Took one glass of this stuff in the evening and in the morning I was able to pee again without any problems! It tastes really good too, and I love that it’s all natural. Will be using this regularly now to prevent uti’s!

Andy M.
United States United States

Honestly life changing

I think I’ve only gone through a 10 pack if not 20. I’ve had the absolute worst luck with UTIs due to my birth control (IUD). The past 3-4 years have been emotionally, physically, and mentally draining due to my CONSTANT UTIs. I would be in pain, lose sleep, feel like I can’t go do things, have fun, etc. I feel like I just started testing out cheeky bonsai but it has been by far more effective then taking cranberry, probiotic, and d-mannose pills. I feel so much better and can’t wait to continue using this and see even more results.

Sharon C.
United States United States

The flush was way too strong for me!

please cancel further shipments

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