UTI Care BundleUTI Care BundleUTI Care BundleUTI Care Bundle
UTI Care Bundle
UTI Care Bundle
UTI Care Bundle
UTI Care Bundle
UTI Care Bundle
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UTI Care Bundle



For when you need maximum defense, answers, and immediate UTI relief. Includes 10 packets of our UTI drink mix, 3 UTI test strips and UTI pain relief. All (U)TI need.




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by women

How it works

Our UTI Health Drink Mix flushes out your urinary tract with powerful ingredients such as D-Mannose and Cranberry extract to inhibit bacteria growth.


Our UTI Test Strips help you diagnose if you likely have a UTI in 2 mins at home, and is the same test most doctors use. 

The UTI Pain Relief pills eliminate painful symptoms to allow you to get on your day -- even if you have a UTI.

Key Ingredients


Vitamin C

Vitamin B6

3 Electrolytes

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Take it before or after any high risk activities, like after sex, after wearing tight workout clothes, if you’re feeling dehydrated, or if you’ve been holding your pee for awhile and traveling. This helps flush your urinary tract. D-mannose make it less likely that bacteria will stick to your urinary tract, while our other ingredients help to alkalize your urine, making your urine more inhospitable to bacteria.
Our UTI Pain Relief Pills act fast to give you the relief you need to get on with your day. Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, the active ingredient, acts as an analgesic for your urinary tract -- relieving you from UTI-related pain and discomfort AND reducing the urgency and burning you feel when you have to pee.
Our test tests for both nitrites and leukocytes in your urine. Nitrites will occur in your urine when bacteria like E. coli are present. Leukocytes are white blood cells that will shop up in your urine if you have an infection in your urinary tract. We use both to determine if it’s likely that you have a UTI.

We’ve designed these products to be a comprehensive bundle for all of your UTI needs, from preventative care to over-the-counter relief. 

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gabriela r.
United States United States
Awesome product!

Received my order quickly and super cute packaging!

olivia e.
United States United States
love the realness!

I love supporting women founded companies and cheeky bonsai really cares about their customers. I found out about them on tiktok and love how they talk about things so openly.

Emily C.
United States United States
Cute packaging

Cute packaging and everything works just like it says. My favorite is the berry UTI drink mix. It tastes so good, not too sweet, refreshing. Glad there is not stevia in it!