Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

A very cheeky holiday to you

The Cheeky’s inaugural holiday gift guide includes creative products for everyday vaginal health, fun & shame-free brands that celebrate the body, and gifts that help us get to know ourselves and the world around us. We hope this curated list gives you some cheeky, outside-the-box holiday inspo. 

TUSHY Bidet - $99

Bidets for all! That’s TUSHY’s goal. This easy to install bidet is a great way to achieve both a cleaner butt and buy less toilet paper. And, lucky you, right now the bidet is available in limited edition pink.

The Cheeky Hoodie - $48

Official Cheeky Bonsai swag for the Cheekier Than Average. Our exciting first foray into apparel comes in cozy cream or apricot lettering. Pick your pigment and tag us when you wear it @cheekybonsai #cheekierthanaverage 

Cosmic Cultures probiotics - $15.99 

Cosmic Cultures probiotics makes yummy probiotic foods like yogurt and kraut which support gut and vaginal health. Stardust period tracking app founder, Rachel Moranis swears by them for vaginal biome support. Instead of sending fruit cake or Edible Arrangements (not that you would, but…), consider the gift of probiotics. 

Zomchi Safety Razor - $16

If you’ve been following our TikTok, you know that we love safety razors. They’re better for ingrowns because you don’t have to tug at the hair by applying pressure, and better for the environment because, in this case, you simply swap out razors on a pretty rose gold handle. 

Quinn - $4.99/month 

Quinn makes audio porn for women and has literally any vibe you’re looking for. Their slogan is Quinn girls come first, and listening to Quinn, that checks out. 

Nipple Sweater - $95

Perhaps one of the cheekiest of all the companies included on this list, Fashion Brand Company specializes in the quirky, the ironic, and, sometimes, the downright absurd (we think the Nipple Knit Top is a perfect balance of all three). 

Cheeky Bonsai UTI Care Bundle - $44 

If someone in your life struggles with UTIs or is interested in exploring more ways to stay on top of everyday urinary health, give the gift of Cheeky Bonsai.

Tushy's Pink Bidet
Nipple Sweater